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Erfolgreiches Tuning mit TerraCycle Zubehör

Barry aus England bestellte bei uns vor einiger Zeit einige TerraCycle Zubehörteile. Jetzt sind die Teile an den Rädern verbaut (Street Machine und Performer High Racer) und wir bekamen von Barry folgende Rückmeldung. Weiter unten gibt es auch noch einige Fotos:

The Street Machine Idler was a breeze to fit an works exceptionally well, the Glide flex stem and mast were also very simple to fit and the instructions were very clear and informative, the only problems that I had were the fact that changing form under seat steering to above seat steering meant I had to change the hydraulic brake hoses and gear cables as they all needed to be longer, it was worth the effort though as the ride is with the new steering is superb and I should have changed it long ago ;-)

The High Racer Idler set up was more challenging as I had to turn down, trill and tap the boss for the power idler, I also needed to make the bracket / chain keeper for the lower return idler as one never existed before and I also made the stainless steel and nylatron chain keeper for the power idler. an fitted a new longer boss for the top Idler to suit the larger diameter idler, I needed to make some spacers too so I turned down some of my spare skate bearing spacers to fit.
I do find the return idlers make a rumbling noise but I guess as they break in this will become quieter.
The stem and mast again was a breeze to fit to this bike too, though I am still getting used to the tiller type steering on this one.

I did have one qualm though; regarding the cable keepers on the mast, I found the inside edges to be very sharp, and they did cut in to the cable outer’s whilst fitting them on the street machine, I have removed them and taken them to work to radius the inside edges. the pair on the High racer I had to make the slots bigger to take the goodridge hydraulic hoses as they are 6mm diameter and where to big to fit the clips, I did radius the edges at the same time and these are fine now; and look great. only a small qualm a easily remedied.

Thank you for your time and help and for making my riding experience a great deal more comfortable.

Dazu gibt es auch noch eine Reihe von Fotos beider Räder:

Street Machine mit TerraCycle Glideflex Faltgelenk und TerraCycle Mast sowie Lenker von Untenlenkung auf Obenlenkung umgerüstet

TerraCycle Mast mit eleganter Zugverlegung durch CNC Zugführungen

TerraCycle Kettenleitrolle mit 23 Zähnen…

…sieht einfach nur klasse aus

So sahen die Original Kettenleitrollen an Berrys Highracer aus, die…

…durch TerraCycle Antriebs- und…

…Rücklaufrollen mit 15 Zähnen und 70 mm Durchmesser ersetzt wurden.

Noch mehr Fotos findet ihr in Barrys Picasa Alben:

Album Street Machine

Album Performer Highracer

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